Goodwe hybrid inverters, a new step to improve self-consumption

GoodWe hybrid inverters are one of the solutions suitable for integrating a string inverter with a storage system.

This series of devices allows you to increase the level of self-consumption, increasing the amount of usable energy produced by your photovoltaic system.

The following elements are integrated into a single product:

  • MPPT
  • Inverter
  • Battery charge / discharge function
  • BMS
  • Back-up function

The range of solutions proposed by GoodWe, therefore, adapt to a large number of residential environments and small businesses.

Main features

VP Solar offers 2 series of hybrid products: EM and ET.

EM series

This single-phase hybrid inverter allows you to optimally manage the energy produced by your system. In particular, in order of priority: it supplies it to active loads in the home, charges the battery or feeds the energy surplus into the grid.

The EM series offers three sizes: 3.048, 3.648, 5.048 kW.

The inverter can be combined with various brands of low voltage batteries (from 2.4 to 14 kWh in total) and can charge/discharge them with a maximum current of 50 A. The energy stored in them can then also be used in case of black-out with a response time ≤ 10ms.

The degree of protection of the inverter is IP65 and can, therefore, be installed both outdoors and indoors.

ET series

This series features three sizes of 5.8 and 10 kW three-phase inverters, which can be combined with a wide range of high voltage batteries (from 6.4 to 24 kWh overall).

A very important feature is the degree of efficiency guaranteed by this product, equal to 98.2%, with an IP65 protection degree, as in the case of the single-phase series.

Also, the inverter can power some “privileged” loads in the event of a blackout using the energy stored in the battery.

Finally, it should be noted that, with this series of inverters, it is possible to combine the SEC1000 product, which allows you to connect up to 10 ET inverters in parallel, each with its batteries connected.