SOLARWATT MyReserve 25


The system is made up of MyReserve Command, which contains all the battery power electronics, and MyReserve Pack, the compact module that conserves energy.

  • 2.4 kWh MyReserve Pack module
  • Possibility to connect 1 to 5 MyReserve Pack battery modules
  • Expansion possible up to 72 kWh, 6 units with 5 battery modules in parallel

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MyReserve 25 is a storage system connected in DC between the strings and the inverter. The storage system is modular and adapts to existing and new photovoltaic systems.

  • 10 years product warranty for MyReserve Command 25
  • Smart charging with weather forecast
  • Integrated secure Internet connection
  • Backup power capability
  • Outdoor installation (IP54) with optional anti theft kit
  • More effi cient (up to 1,000 V PV input voltage)
  • More fl exible (up to 72 kWh usable energy content)

System topology: DC-generator coupled

2 components – multiple options

MyReserve Command 25 (IP54)

MyReserve Command is a high efficiency converter for the MyReserve storage system connected on the DC side between the string and the inverter.

  • Connection of 1 to 5 MyReserve battery packs
  • Expandable up to 72 kWh
  • Peak power of up to 4.5 kW
  • Discharge efficiency of up to 96.7 %
  • Fast load response < 1 s (time to supply a load demand)
  • Self-learning algorithm for maximum self-consumption
  • Safe and easy installation
  • Bluetooth®-compatible service interface
  • Safety: certified as per “Safety guidelines for Li-ion household battery systems”
  • Low power consumption (2.5 – 7 W)
  • Outdoor installation (IP54)

MyReserve Pack 24.3 (IP54)

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery module for MyReserve battery system
  • 2.4 kWh usable energy per MyReserve Pack
  • 100 % Depth of Discharge
  • World record battery efficiency of 99.2 %
  • Long service life > 15 years
  • Single person installation (25 kg per MyReserve Pack)
  • Certified safety with multiple safety controls
  • Integrated BMS with voltage and temperature sensors
  • Individual cell monitoring
  • Dynamic adjustment of the charge current based on the PV generation + and the household‘s consumption
  • Can be expanded to a high-voltage storage system
  • Maintenance-free
  • No memory effect
  • Outdoor installation (IP54)

Custom-made performance and usable energy

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