SolarEdge P300 and P600 optimizers: now also valid up to 320W modules

SolarEdge has presented a new version of the P300 and the P600 optimizers that adapt to a wider range of PV modules.

Now, these two sizes of optimizers can be used with photovoltaic modules of maximum power 320 and 650 W respectively.

Compatibility between solar modules and SolarEdge optimizers depends on the maximum input voltage (@min temp), the maximum input current and the rated input power of the solar modules.

The nominal DC input power of the P300 can now be considered as 320 W (compared to the previous 300 W), and the nominal DC input power of the P600 can now be considered as 650 W (compared to the first 600 W).

As can be seen from the following table, the characteristics of the modules with which the P300 and P600 are compatible are:


DC input power *

 * Nominal STC power of the module. Module with power tolerance up to + 5% allowed

Maximum input voltage

 Voc at the lowest temperature

Maximum short circuit current


SolarEdge P300

≤ 320 W

≤ 48 V

11 A

SolarEdge P600

≤ 650 W

≤ 96 V

11 A

The change has immediate and retroactive effect for all previously manufactured P300 and P600.