SHARP photovoltaic modules ideal for large systems NU-JD 445Wp

SHARP, a leading company in the production of photovoltaic modules with over 60 years of history and 50 million photovoltaic panels installed worldwide, has created the NU-JD series module ideal for commercial, industrial and open field systems.

This high efficiency NU-JD series is equipped with fire resistance class C, safety class II, CE and has passed all resistance and robustness tests with excellent results.

SHARP NU-JD with high efficiency

The PERC photovoltaic module in monocrystalline silicon has an efficiency of 20.1% and a guaranteed tolerance of positive power (0/+ 5%) with a maximum system voltage of 1,500V.

144 half-cell modules and 9 busbars

The technology of the half-cell modules guarantees higher yields, thanks to the lowering of the module temperature which increases its duration over time, the path of the current produced is shortened by reducing resistance losses and allows production even in the event of partial shade.

Half cells with M6 wafers work with 9 busbars which decrease their temperature with a coefficient of -0.347%/°C.

Certified and guaranteed

SHARP photovoltaic panels undergo many quality tests and are guaranteed for 25 years on linear production and 15 years on the product.