Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and VP Solar: energy for Italy with cutting-edge solar solutions

VP Solar, a leading B2B distributor of energy systems and part of the Tadiran Group since January 2022, brings extensive experience and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

VP Solar’s partnership with Sharp Energy Solutions Europe aligns perfectly with the mission to offer cutting-edge and sustainable energy solutions to the Italian market. With a focus on innovation, reliability and sustainability, this partnership aims to revolutionize the solar market in Italy.

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, one of the world’s largest photovoltaic manufacturers, has been at the forefront of solar technology for over 60 years. His vast experience and expertise have paved the way for revolutionary solar solutions that appeal to residential and commercial installations. Among the outstanding offerings from Sharp Energy Solution Europe is the TOPCon N-type bifacial solar panel, the NB-JD570.

The NB-JD570 is a glass/glass solar panel equipped with N-type 144 M10 half-cells with 16 busbars. With an impressive bifacial ratio of up to 80% and a module efficiency of 22.07%, this module delivers outstanding performance. Sharp Energy Solutions Europe stands behind the quality of this module, offering a 30-year linear nominal power warranty and a 15-year product warranty for customers within the EU and other countries.

High Performance Single Sided Panels: NU-JC410B and NU-JC415B

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe’s monocrystalline PERC silicon photovoltaic panels, NU-JC410B and NU-JC415B, are designed for residential and small-scale commercial rooftop installations. These all-black modules combine aesthetics and functionality, making them the ideal choice for customers looking for a stylish solar solution.

The NU-JC410B, featuring a black frame and back-sheet, boasts an output of 410Wp. With 108 half-cells (M10 wafer) and 10 busbar technology, this module achieves a module efficiency of 21.0%.

On the other hand, the NU-JC415B, with a white back-sheet and black frame, offers a slightly higher module efficiency of 21.25%. Both modules come with a 25-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty, giving you peace of mind on your investment.

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe’s commitment to quality is exemplified by its modules’ compliance with international standards and resistance to extreme conditions. The panels have successfully passed the tests for resistance to ammonia, salt spray, sand and PID, obtaining the IEC seals (IEC61215 and IEC61730).

The Italian fire protection certificate UNI9177 is available for selected module types. The Italian fire regulation UNI 9177 transposes the fire safety requirements of the building authorities.

EUPD Top Brand PV Award

Just recently, Sharp Energy Solutions Europe was awarded this year’s EUPD Top Brand PV Award for its outstanding achievements in photovoltaic (PV) in Italy. EUPD RESEARCH conducts annual surveys of installers in key global markets as part of the Global PV Installer-Monitor and issues an independent perception assessment of different brands. Only the best brands receive the Top Brand PV Award in various categories. The recognition as Top Brand PV underlines the strong position of Sharp Energy Solutions Europe in Italy.


The partnership between Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and VP Solar represents a powerful alliance in the solar industry. Thanks to Sharp’s innovative solar modules and VP Solar’s expertise in distribution and customer service, the Italian solar market is set to see significant progress. The outstanding performance, reliability and sustainability of Sharp solar modules, including the TOPCon N-type bifacial solar panel and the single-facial NU-JC410B and NU-JC415B, make them an ideal choice for residential and commercial installations.

Both Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and VP Solar also prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring transparent, sustainable supply chains and continuous improvement. By choosing Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and VP Solar as their solar partner, customers are contributing to a greener future and supporting companies committed to positively impacting the environment.

Together, Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and VP Solar are poised to lead the solar revolution in Italy, providing innovative, high-quality and sustainable solar solutions to power the nation towards a brighter, greener future.