SHARP, 60 years of photovoltaics in the world

Sharp, which we now know as a manufacturer of photovoltaic panels, joined the sector in 1959, year in which the development of the first solar cells began, introduced for the first time on the market in 1961.

This year indeed,  at the Intersolar in Munich, Sharp celebrated 60 years of experience in the photovoltaic sector, the longest in the world in this market.

Quality and innovation make it a leading company in the world

This company now has more than 1 million customers, thanks to which it was possible to reach the important milestone of 50 million panels sold worldwide.

Sharp in recent years has produced about 14.3 GW of power, thanks also to the collaboration with several partners, including Sermsang Power Corporation (SSP) of Thailand, Truong Than Quang Ngai Power and other companies. In Vietnam for example, Sharp has so far built three huge photovoltaic power plants, for a combined capacity of 146 MW.

Innovative solar solutions produced by Sharp

Continuous research and development have always led this company to propose innovative solar solutions. A striking example is the development of solar cells that power satellites in Japan’s national projects.