Pylontech range FORCE stackable high and low voltage

Pylontech, a world leader in the production of LFP lithium batteries, present on the Italian market since 2015, supplies lithium-iron-phosphate batteries built to withstand numerous charge and discharge cycles.

For several years, the H48050 and H48074 high voltage 19″ rack cabinet batteries and US2000 and US3000 low voltage batteries with 2.4 or 3.55 kWh modules have been marketed in Italy. These are usable in both residential and commercial environments with “drawer” battery modules ideal for technical compartments.

Force high and low voltage range

The systems with stackable modules of the FORCE series are arrived in Europe, available in low voltage FORCE-L2 from 2 to 4 modules and high voltage FORCE-H1 and H2 from 2 to 7 modules.

The Force system is installed without the aid of the connection cables between batteries and is stackable, to be easier and quicker to install.

They are certified according to VDE 2510-50 on the safety of lithium batteries.

The basic module is 3.55 kWh, DOD 90%, and is available in two shapes, wider and lower or narrower and high, to meet all space requirements.

The design is elegantly finished. The cells are of the LFP type, suitable for the necessary cycles and to ensure a long life.

FORCE L2 low voltage batteries

Pylontech’s new solution for storage for the low voltage residential sector is the Force-L2 series. This product consists of several batteries ranging from 2 to 4 with an external BMS so that it can be adapted to different system configurations.

Force-L2 is a 48V DC storage system based on the lithium iron phosphate battery.

It can be used with various types of equipment and systems. It is particularly suitable for those applications that require limited space, high power and long life.

This device consists of a BMS FC0048M-100 with battery modules of 3.55 kWh each, with a nominal voltage of 48V and a capacity of 74 Ah. These systems also have a charge and discharge current that can reach a total of 60 A and an IP55 degree of protection.

The simplicity and modularity of this system make it an extremely flexible product, with capabilities that can also be implemented at a later time.

Another important feature is undoubtedly the depth of discharge, with a DOD of 90%. Also, the devices can be combined with various types of inverters, even with integrated EPS function.

FORCE H1 – H2 high voltage batteries

These products consist of a variable number of batteries with an external BMS. Both are therefore able to cover a wide range of photovoltaic systems. These new systems are extremely simple to install and come with a 10-year warranty.

These devices consist of a BMS FC0500 for the H1 series and FC0500M-40S for the H2 series, with battery modules of 3.55 kWh each.

For the H1 series, you can stack from 2 to 7 modules and reach 24.9 kWh while for the H2 series from 2 to 4 modules you can reach up to 14.2 kWh

The capacity of the battery modules is instead 74 Ah in the Force H1 series and 37 Ah in the Force H2. These systems also have a charge and discharge current of 14.8 and 7.4 A respectively and an IP55 degree of protection.

Also for these models, the depth of discharge has a DOD of 90% and can be combined with various types of inverters, even with integrated EPS function.