New VP Solar catalog price list for photovoltaic inverters

VP Solar has renewed the price list dedicated to the wide and complete range of inverters for photovoltaic systems.

It contains many innovations, both on technologies, products and manufacturers, always to offer its professional customers the most coherent solutions for their needs for new installation or revamping of plants already in operation.

Advantageous prices and conditions in the new inverter price list

VP Solar is a specialized B2B distributor present in over 30 international markets can offer the best brands at very competitive prices, also thanks to the volumes developed and the strategic partnerships developed with the manufacturers in over 20 years of activity.

Quality and guarantees, with dedicated advice

The experience gained allows the VP Solar engineering team to select reliable and performing products, with a high level of after-sales service and guarantees. The sales team is available to resale and installation companies to offer dedicated advice, to select and configure solutions for industrial, commercial and residential systems.

Commercial photovoltaic systems

VP Solar has developed a specific sales program, in close collaboration with the manufacturers, to guarantee packages at extremely competitive conditions, which may include, in addition to the inverters, also the modules and systems for assembly, wiring and monitoring, or warranty services and extensions.

Kit for residential systems

The proposal for kits for residential systems is also highly appreciated, which may include: inverters also with optimizers, photovoltaic modules, solar batteries, monitoring and fixing systems, panels, cables, heat pumps, solutions for charging electric vehicles. So components and systems to produce renewable energy, store it and consume it smartly.

Innovative energy systems

To help guide professionals towards new technologies in the sector, VP Solar wrote the book “Energy Systems 4.0, innovative technologies for buildings and mobility“, which can be downloaded for free.

Comprehensive range

VP Solar’s offer is wide and includes both centralized inverters, string inverters and optimizers, which can be optimally configured with poly or monocrystalline photovoltaic panels, also Perc, half-cells and double-sided, with powers from 285 W to 400 W it’s more.

The string inverters can be single-phase and three-phase, also a hybrid, with powers starting from 1 kW up to over 120 kW and with modular battery packs both for residential systems (up to 10 kWh) and for commercial systems (tens of kWh with configuration dedicated).

Request the new price list

Professional customers can request the new inverter price list from VP Solar.

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