VP Solar presents the new inverter price list for the year 2021

VP Solar has introduced the new version of the inverter price list for 2021, updating the already rich range of products. This thanks to the innovative solutions by the main inverter manufacturers in the world.

The innovations included in the new price list include technologies that offer innovative solutions for residential and commercial plants.

Residential installations

VP Solar offers various solutions applicable to residential plants, from 1.2 to 20 kW of power. These inverters have several features, including:

  • Complete monitoring of your plant
  • Smart solutions for the intelligent management of the energy produced by your system, such as products for home automation
  • Possibility of combining optimizers to have safety, optimization and monitoring functions on your system at the module level

Commercial installations

Commercial plants are designed for inverters with sizes between 20 and 185 kW, which guarantee very high-efficiency levels, up to 98.8%. Many other features are also guaranteed that make these products suitable for all applications:

  • High degree of protection: IP65 or IP66
  • Integrated protections: many inverters that are proposed have integrated AC & DC disconnect switches, protections against overcurrents, reverse polarity, SPD and much more.
  • Communication: LAN, WLAN, RS485
  • High number of MPPTs to also adapt to systems with different orientations and inclinations

All products can be connected to the network, and it will therefore be possible to monitor them remotely via the manufacturer’s portal.

Power Optimizers

In some cases, it will be possible to add power optimizers to the plant to improve the production in case of shading or non-optimal orientations. If these devices are mounted on all modules present on the system, they can guarantee module-level monitoring and a module-level safety function.