New technologies for PV modules

PV modules manufacturers continue to innovate and produce more performing products of increasing quality.

From a recent report by the Fraunhofer Institute, reported below, we can extrapolate interesting data.

The growing efficiency of PV modules

The new single-cell efficiency record, in the laboratory, is now 26.7% for mono-crystalline and 22.3% for polycrystalline.
Obviously the performance is reduced if we consider the entire photovoltaic panel, rather than a single cell.
In the following graph, improvements in efficiency of PV panels are clearly reported.

The growing market of monocrystalline

Starting from 2014, the market share of monocrystalline modules with PERC technology (passivated emitter rear contact) rapidly increased.

It is estimated that, in 2019, it will be the bestselling type of photovoltaic silicon module.