Goodwe MT series inverter for large systems 50/60 KW

GoodWe is one of the world’s leader inverter manufacturers with one of the largest product portfolios, the inverters range starts from 700 W for the residential market, up to 250 kW with 1500 V input for utility scale systems.

Inverter for commercial and industrial plants

It also has hybrid inverters and AC retrofits for residential storage systems, including lithium iron phosphate batteries and an “all in one” product for residential use.

In the commercial and industrial sector, it has inverters from 12 to 60 kW with 2, 3 or 4 MPPT depending on the size divided into the SDT G2, SMT and MT series.

MT series with 4 MPPT with power class of 50 and 60 kW

The MT series with 4 MPPT are in the power class of 50 and 60 kW are designed for medium-large systems on commercial rooftop but also in distributed agrovoltaic systems.

These inverters are made with die-cast aluminum cover and single body, so as to give great structural strength and IP65 protection degree so that they can be safely installed outdoors.

High degree of oversizing of the continuous side of 150%

Other highlights of these inverters are the high degree of oversizing on the DC side of 150%, the start voltage of only 200 V and the 4 MPPTs are with input current suitable for bifacial modules or with 210 mm cells.

The output power can reach 110% nominal power up to 50° C operating temperature without derating.

Monitoring through the EZ-Logger datalogger and the SEMS portal

Monitoring through the EZ-Logger datalogger and the SEMS Portal (Smart Energy Management System) can be achieved by connecting the inverters to each other through PLC (Power Line Communication) technology so as to avoid wiring the communication line.

Furthermore, the string currents for each DC input of each MPPT can be monitored.

Standard equipment includes DC switch and fuses, SPD Type II both DC and AC. Optionally it is possible to have the version with anti-PID function.

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GoodWe MT series – three-phase – 4 MPPT – 50 / 80 kW

Three-phase inverter with 4 MPPT and 13 strings ideal for large scale commercial and agricultural installations.

Thanks to the innovative technology, it maximizes energy production up to 15% with higher yields up to 99% in any weather condition.

  • Power Boost function
  • PLC communication (optional)
  • Available in sizes: GW50K-MT / GW60K-MT / GW60KBF-MT / GW80K-MT


The three-phase inverters of the GoodWe MT series are ideal for small and medium-sized commercial plants and agricultural plants.

The range boasts advanced topology and innovative control technology to achieve maximum efficiency of 99.0%. With the Power Boost function, it maximizes energy production to 15% to obtain a higher yield and a faster return on investment.

With 4 MPPT, it maximizes production and minimizes output energy losses.

Monitoring system via PLC

The monitoring system via PLC (optional) offers stable data transmission on the one hand, and on the other makes transmission possible even in the case of installations in rural and isolated areas.