storage guide

New English Storage Guide from VP Solar

The Storage Guide is a VP Solar tool that evolves with the storage systems market.

After the big success of the Italian version, we have now published the new digital English version.

In this guide everyone can find the new accumulation systems available in the market, integrated and updated with the technical datasheets and useful information.

Storage Guide: clear information tool for professional and private users

The Storage Guide is a tool for information on key technologies and products on market, designed to provide support to professionals in the proposal to final customers.

The products are divided into three macro groups:

  • AC side connectable systems
  • DC side connectable systems
  • Compatible batteries

Simple and complete information

In each proposed system there are clear and simple indications, in order to be able to immediately identify configurations and technical features.

The following items are summarized in the index page with symbols:

  • configuration of the AC or DC side system
  • Systems consisting of multiple components or all-in-one
  • Which batteries are compatible and size
  • systems suitable also for existing systems

Everything is recapitulated in the index, the heart of the entire Storage Guide.

It sums up all the specifications of the various systems, thus making it a clear scheme for the proposal of these products.

All systems are widely described in a simple and understandable language, even for those who are not a professional in the industry.

Many images and many schemes to help the private person understand the product and how it works.

Each system contains tables with the technical characteristics made available by the various manufacturers.