Storage Guide 2020: available in French and Spanish

VP Solar has been publishing, for several years, tools for the photovoltaic storage market such as the Storage Guide and the Storage Map.

These tools were created to clarify the situation in the storage market to support the installer in choosing the system that best suits the needs of their end customer.

French and Spanish

This year VP Solar published the Storage Guide also in French and Spanish, intending to provide an even bigger number of professionals in the sector with a tool capable of giving a general overview of the world of storage systems.

It is also combined with all possible system configurations, the advantages given by the increase in self-consumption and the evolution of the European market.

The guide provides a presentation of various manufacturing partners, where all the products offered are indicated, to ensure a wide choice for the installer, integrating everything with the upcoming news and solutions for monitoring each system.

We also remind you that inside you can also find graphic info that specifies:

  • The type of inverter: hybrid, PV or retrofit
  • The connection of the battery to the grid: AC, DC side or both
  • Grid connection: single-phase or three-phase
  • The system configuration: all-in-one or composed of several components
  • Backup function

Download French

Download Spanish

Download English

Including the Storage Map

  • Matching inverters and batteries
  • All the combinations available
  • Type of system: hybrid or AC connection
  • Type of network: three-phase or single-phase
  • Product warranty: years and % of remaining capacity
  • All data on power and storage capacity