BenQ SunForte

BenQ SunForte modules by AUO

AUO manufacturer of branded modules BenQ produces photovoltaic modules integrally through the various companies in the group.

BenQ SunForte: high efficiency and power module

The production ranges from standard polycrystalline and monocrystalline to the high-efficiency best product made with back-contact monocrystalline cells that guarantees efficiencies of over 20% and power up to 335 Wp, thus with modules BenQ can satisfy every need.

The innovative BenQ SunForte module technology with 96 back-contact cells in addition to having one of the highest market efficiencies guarantees very high quality standards, construction takes place with PID free cells so that it does not have early performance degradation and stable operation in the medium/long term, the modules are tested according to the strictest international standards in their laboratories.

Very resistant module structure

Tests are backed up with 3 times harder tests than IEC standards so as to guarantee higher quality modules with more than standard 87% after 25 years.

In addition to the standard IEC certificates, the module also has ammonia and saline certification so that it can be installed without thoughts either near the coast or near farms.

Moreover, its robustness and lightness make it fast and easy to install.

The company also manufactures and markets its modules in a sustainable way, in compliance with the European regulations.

The BenQ SunForte quality can be summarized as follows:

  • Back-Contact cells:
    The absence of a bus bar at the top increases the light capture
  • Performance above high temperatures:
    Less power loss in summer thanks to a low temperature coefficient
  • Reinforced frame design:
    Module conforming to IEC tests for load up to 5400 Pa
  • IP67 junction box:
    Strong resistance to dust and high waterproofness
  • Resistance to salt and ammonia corrosion:
    Module conforming to IEC 61701e IEC 61215
  • Resistance to PID (up to Diamond level):
    High resistance to certified PID

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