K2 Systems, cutting-edge mounting systems for photovoltaic systems

K2 Systems is a German company founded in 2004, specializing in mounting solutions for photovoltaic systems. This company, with production in Germany and Europe, has 8 offices in the world and over 150 employees and collaborators.

Quality products and high precision

The K2 Systems product range is very wide and meets all types of construction and customization, with a range of components and profiles that can satisfy even the most complex needs.

Most of the K2 components are made of stainless steel or aluminium. This feature ensures high resistance to corrosion and long life, thus guaranteeing the customer a resistant and safe system over time.

K2 Systems products have been tested, certified and approved by three independent bodies and subjected to constant internal verification processes. Thanks to these high-quality standards, all components are covered by a 12-year warranty.

Systems for flat roofs

The mounting systems are adaptable to any type of roof or category of land. There are solutions for roofs made of tiles, fibre cement, corrugated sheet, seamed sheet or flat roofs.

They are suitable for different types of substrates, such as concrete, bitumen, sheets, green roofs, gravel or even corrugated sheet.

Thanks to these systems are possible to create a structure with the panels oriented on one side or on two sides with an angle of inclination that varies between 10° and 45°, thus guaranteeing the complete exploitation of the surfaces and the distribution of the loads. In some cases, it is also possible to install the modules on the corrugated sheet and with the integrated ballast space.

The assembly of all K2 Systems structures is extremely easy and quick.

Systems for pitched roofs

K2 Systems systems for sloping roofs have been designed to guarantee high safety during the useful life of the plant and during installation, which also ensures the possibility of universal fixing and orientation of the modules.

For this type of system, the German company of K2 presents a wide range of products, which allows it to satisfy any customer.

The proposed mounting structures make it possible to anchor the modules on roofs covered with tiles, tiles, slate, fibre cement and various types of sheet metal.

Tiled roofs

They offer solutions for practically all types of tiles. The three Single Hook, CrossHook 3S and 4S roof hooks cover most applications. In combination, the families of mounting profiles SingleRail and SolidRail are available.

Our range of roof hooks offers solutions for Marseilles, Portuguese, flat and regional variations, including tile.

Fiber cement roofs, corrugated and corrugated sheet

With anchor bolts, they are suitable for fibre cement or Eternit roofing, corrugated or corrugated sheet metal. The three assembly profiles SingleRail, CrossRail and SolidRail are available in combination.

Anchor bolts are available for fixing on wooden, concrete and steel structures.

Roofs in corrugated sheet

Without anchoring to the substructure, they are fixed to the Greek frets by self-drilling screws. The most classic of systems is the SpeedRail, which can be used in almost all situations. Alternatively, the MiniRail system can be used, suitable for specific centre distances between the greeks, and the MultiRail system, suitable for low wind loads.

Elevation structures can be realized with D-Dome and S-Dome, which can be mounted on SpeedRail mounting profiles. The MultiRail profile also allows you to create a support with the S-Dome Small system. It is also possible to install Triangle and MultiAngle systems on corrugated sheet. In this case, the inclination angle of the support can vary between 10 ° and 45 °.

Seamed sheet metal roofs

These systems do not provide for the drilling of the cover and are fixed by means of special clamps for seamed sheet. Clamps are available for different types of seaming and manufacturers, including Kalzip and Rib-Roof. In this case, the SolidRail mounting profile is used. In addition to this, all of these solutions can be used with flat or round seaming.

Open field systems

They are suitable for all soil categories. The static calculation is carried out in compliance with Eurocode 9.

The systems are characterized by reduced assembly times and the limited number of components.

The systems named A-Rack and P-Rack are the proposed solutions for small installations and off-grid projects. On the other hand, the N-Rack system is the solution for medium and large installations.

All systems are suitable for standard modules and can be installed with inclinations of 15 °, 20 ° or 25 °, in fact mounting holes are provided for all inclinations. The support cathetus must be shortened for 15 ° and 20 ° of elevation.

Finally, it is necessary to specify that all K2 Systems mounting structures for an open field are also suitable for steep terrain.

A simulator to accurately design the photovoltaic system

Installers are provided with a free online software that allows you to configure and design your own system, using satellite images as a basis for design, graphic tools, orientation data and precise dimensions, thermal cuts and customizable maintenance paths, easy calculation of loads wind and snow.