GoodWe: EzDesigner

GoodWe has a very wide range of products ranging from string inverters with power less than 1 kW to large multi-strings dedicated to utility scale systems.

In addition to hybrid or battery inverters for both high and low voltage AC connections.

Which inverter to choose? Use the EzDesigner configurator

In order to choose the correct inverter for your needs, you must rely on EzDesigner, the GoodWe online configurator.

Sign in and save your projects

All projects can be saved and stored for future consultations thanks to protected access from a personal account. Furthermore, it is possible to insert predefined locations, manually implement the characteristics of modules not present in the already extensive and updated database or of the cables usually used.

The starting step in designing a system will be choosing the type:

  • On-grid systems
  • hybrid systems with batteries
  • retrofit storage system

EzDesigner will give a solution on inverter and string configuration

You will then have to choose the location of the system and the modules (except for battery systems), EzDesigner will provide a solution on the inverter and string configuration, which can also be changed if they do not match other installation needs.

In the case of a hybrid system, in addition to checking the strings, you can choose the batteries and check the savings obtained from the production and self-consumption of energy.

You can design a retrofit battery system

If you have to design a retrofit battery system, the steps will be few and intuitive since the battery configuration will be calculated having input consumption, production and power of the existing system.

In all three cases it will also be possible to verify the losses in the cables and obtain a detailed report that can also be customized with your company logo to be used as documentation in your commercial offer to the customer.

Integration with K2 Base for mounting systems

The Goodwe configurator also integrates with the K2 System application for the static configuration and design of the photovoltaic mounting  system.

With the two apps, you can configure the entire system down to the smallest detail.