VP Solar and LG Electronics, a strong partnership in the distribution of PV modules

Treviso 26 febbraio 2018. VP Solar and LG Electronics are improving the partnership for the distribution of photovoltaic modules, in Italy and International markets. The approach towards the resellers and installers is based on quality and long-term relationships, in order to offer high performing and efficient LG PV modules with the added value services provided by VP Solar.

The reliability of VP Solar has been certified recently with the highest Moody’s rating (A++), that has been assigned by  Credit Passport®; A++ rating means “Excellent Credit Quality”. The report indicates the 0,08% Probability of Default in one year; in comparative terms, it means that only one company out of 997 in Italy reaches the same level of credit quality.

The proposal of LG solar panels includes many series of products accordingly to the needs of the customers: NeON® R, from 350 to 370 Wp; NeON® 2 from 325 to 335 Wp; NeON® 2 Black up to 320 Wp; NeON® 2 BiFacial and MonoX® Plus up to 300 Wp.

All LG modules are backed by a very strong warranty program. At LG, quality-assurance is the top priority; the LG solar panels are created using the most up-to-date technologically advanced processes available. They are tested to ensure the respect all the most stringent requirements for the latest procedures.

VP Solar supplies LG modules in many pre-configurated kit for residential and commercial use, together with inverters, storage systems or other energy technologies in order to ensure the best perfomances and economic pay-back.

High-quality services are daily provided by VP Solar, thanks to a technical and sales team with a reliable logistic support based on SAP.
VP Solar (www.vpsolar.com) is a specialized B2B distributor of energy solutions from 1999; it has been named as “Top Brand Italy 2018” by EuPD Research.

Resellers and installers interested to know better the LG solar panels can plan a meeting with VP Solar sales team during the next International Exhibition MCE, in Milan from 13th to 16th of March, in the VP Solar booth (Pad.2, L33-M44). LG Electronics will be also present at the exhibition at Hall 15/booth E30.