VP Solar, PV specialized distributor

VP Solar has been since 1999 a specialized distibutor of PV components for Italian and International market.

EuPD has awarded VP Solar as “TOP PV Supplier Italy 2018”. This award is based on a survey carried out by the prestigious German institute EuPD, specialized in market research in renewable energy and energy systems field.

VP Solar is a  A ++ Moody’s rating company, so excellent in finance postition, economic and equity terms. Thank’s of this Award more and more customers are choosing VP Solar as a reliable and trustable partner.

VP Solar only for B2B partner

We are working only on B2B model base, to be a real partner for companies that want to buy quality components with competitive conditions and find high standard of service.

VP Solar is investing in its organization, to offer innovative products and tehnologies with smart and efficent logistics service. Our engineers are tesiting and selecting the best technologies to be able to offer a complete solution to produce, store and manage the power. The international strategic agreements with our suppliers let our sales team transfer to our customers competitive commercial conditions being sure about all the commercial process because based on SAP platform.

Logistics efficiency and innovative products and technologies

VP Solar has invested in its organization to offer logistics efficiency, innovative products and technologies: sophisticated forecasting algorithms allow VP Solar to make available in stock products that the market seeks, minimizing the waste of time and maximizing the level of service.

Our customers are approving our way to be a energetic system distributor, combining different technologies to produce, to store, to manage and to use the sustainalble power.

Market trend and technologies

Our attention regarding market trend and technologies give us everyday new inputs to be close to our partner offering them new ways to improve their technical knowledge. We just finished our Energy mobility tour about new era of Emobility and our book “Energy System 4.0” has reached 20,000 copies distributed.

Global market trends, the demand for medium large scale PV plants and the even more competitive price for PV energy, design the perfect scenario for a strong improvement of installed PV power.

2018 was a fanstastic year

According to what written above, 2018 was a fanstastic year. We increased considerably our volume of PV products distributed all over the world.

Take into consideration that the market of storage battery systems is growing. This trend will even more strong thanks to the fact that the energy from grid will be more expensive and the price of lithium battery will drop year by the year.

e-mobility is another key point in our market

Finally, e-mobility is another key point in our market. We believe that our professional customers could be strategic players also with these solutions. VP Solar is organizing severals trainings to teach its customers how to choose and install the right charging station.

We provide a wide range of products for Emobility for both domestic and public use.

Wide range of solutions

VP Solar offers to the maket a wide range of solutions to produce, to store, to use and to save electric power in a smart way.

We aim to grow even more thanks also to our strategic partnership with worldwide manufacturers, such as:

FIMER, Q Cells, VARTA, SolarEdge, LG, Fronius, Trina Solar, SMA, Panasonic, Ariston, Jinko, Mennekes, Huawei, Kioto, Kostal, Dehn, BYD, Solarwatt, SolarLog, Fiamm, SHARP, GoodWe.

Many and many customers from several countries are choosing VP Solar every day thanks to our reliabilty, flexibility and financial strength. The combination  of our stock, our commercial approach and our motivated team is the reason why we are gaining every moment a trustable position in the international market.