PV Plant monitoring by SMA: efficient energy use

With the SMA Sunny Home Manager you can monitor every PV residential system. The SMA Sunny Portal gives a reliable visualization of the plant data and with its live display you can keep updated quickly (every 10 seconds) on the energy management at home, assuring the best yield from the photovoltaic plant.

This smart monitoring device offers a view of all the energy flows at home, it finds out suggestions on how to manage the energy at the best and thanks to the radio controlled sockets it turns household appliances such as heat pumps, washing machines etc…

The result: Sunny Home Manager allows to get a bigger energy self-consumption  and a more environmentally friendly use of the PV energy.

Since 1999 VP Solar is committed in helping installers and resellers to get an efficient use of the energy from renewable sources. Ask to our team for a support!