VP Solar publishes the new catalog list of photovoltaic modules

Product innovations, increased efficiency, increasingly reliable and competitive solutions: these are all elements that characterize the evolution in the proposal of photovoltaic module manufacturers and that require continuous updating of the price lists.

VP Solar has published the new price list for photovoltaic modules, updating the already wide range of quality products.

Traditional and innovative technologies of photovoltaic panels

The range is wide and includes products with traditional and innovative technologies, such as:

Brands proposed

Photovoltaic modules for each application

VP Solar’s proposal is aimed at professional companies in the sales and installation sector of both industrial, commercial and residential photovoltaic systems, both grid-connected and stand-alone. In the case of revamping, the VP Solar technical-commercial team is available to support the best choices.

Large commercial plants benefit from special conditions and technical support

In collaboration with the producers, special conditions are offered for commercial plants, in particular for sizes between 100 kW and 1 MW, which can also benefit from specific technical pre-sales support activities to identify the best solutions. You can learn more about the services offered by VP Solar for large photovoltaic systems at this link.

Multi-technology implant kit

VP Solar pre-configures and proposes system kit solutions to simplify choice and installation. The kit can include modules, inverters, switchboards, cables, monitoring systems, assembly. The photovoltaic system can include synergistic technologies such as storage systems, heat pumps, charging systems for electric cars.

Logistics and dedicated services

VP Solar as a B2B distributor provides its customers with high value-added services, to deliver quality systems and products throughout Italy in 24/48 hours at extremely competitive prices, thanks to the volumes that the company develops overall in over 30 countries, European and extra.


VP Solar offers its partners a high level of reliability, consolidated in over 20 years of activity, and evidenced by many certifications such as: