Thermodynamics: the best solution for hot water

Thermodynamics systems is for sure an efficient and saving solution to warm sanitary water: the panel gets energy from the environment both during the night and during the day, even when it rains and when it is sunny. In optimum conditions the COP (efficiency rate) can reach 6.5, definitely over other heating systems.

It joins two complete technologies, the heat pump and the solar thermal collector.

The model often used by families is that one with a 250 l tank and with one collector; in case of more need of hot water a 300 l tank with 2 panels can be well implemented.

Solar thermodynamics for families can be also well combined with a photovoltaics plant, increasing even more the use of free energy and there for the self – consumption: in fact a particular features makes the water temperature to reach the maximum when is available PV energy.

Thermodynamics for big volumes and industrial use

Hotels, Schools, Gyms, Industries… these are some applications where thermodynamics can be implemented to warm big volumes of water with a relevant economic saving. Owners can choose several solutions to have hot water up to 60°: tanks from 1000 to 6000 liters.

These systems are very versatile in order to suit any kind of premises, the compressors very efficient and panels very light in order to be installed with the maximum flexibility even in existing installation without any effort.

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