Inverters Steca Xtender XTS: small and successful

The inverters Steca Xtender offers a wide range of solutions for any off-grid system, for both mono-phase and three-phase ones.

Inverters Steca Xtender XTS: relevant highlights

They are in three power sizes:1000-12, 1200-24, 1400-48 The XTS series Steca is an inverter, a battery charger, a switch and a support of external sources of alternating current. This functions can be combined and controlled, allowing an excellent use of the pv energy. The inverters Steca Xtender XTS can be remoted controlled also updating is easy. It is also possible to connect them in parallel with up to 9 inverters Steca XTS in order to have a three-phase system.

Inverters Steca Xtender XTS: multifunction and smartboost

Free contacts can be set for any kind of application, for example reacting to indoors and outdoors events such as grid availability, battery voltage, fault messages. Thanks to the timer function they can be switched on at nights, at weekends, they can be used to start up a generator, to switch off less important loads, to spot a fault or also to charge the battery. Another interesting features is the Smart-Boost, that is the chance to increase the power available combining the battery energy with another source of energy such as from a current generator, even when special loads are being used (inductive, asymmetric, with high switch-on current). Find out the whole range of inverters Steca, contact the VP Solar team to have more information and an offer.

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