LG Solar is a world-renowned company for the production of high quality and high power photovoltaic panels.
LG’s solutions include a wide range of products, making them able to adapt to any need.

The monocrystalline photovoltaic panels are divided into MonoX Plus, MonoX2, NeON R and NeON2.

MonoX Plus includes a range of powers ranging from 290 to 300 Wp. This photovoltaic module is characterized by a long service life and ease of use.

The new MonoX2 generation with 285 Wp power is the ideal solution even in adverse weather conditions.

Neon R is divided into two power ranges from 350 to 365 Wp and 340 to 350 Wp for Black models. Thanks to the high powers are among the most powerful modules on the market.

The NeON2 solar panels are divided into bands from 305 to 320 Wp, from 315 to 320 Wp for Black and 325 to 335 Wp.

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