Panasonic is a world-renowned company and produces high quality photovoltaic panels.
Panasonic’s proposed modules are part of the HIT range and cover a range of powers from 250 to 330 Wp.

In addition to functionality and performance, the modules are designed to give the roof an elegant and monochrome appearance.

The range of products offered is HIT N245 / N240, N285 / N295 and N330W / N325W.
All three photovoltaic panels families are built with monocrystalline technology.

The N245 / N240 is the ideal solution for small roofs. Thanks to its small size combined to high power, it allows to create powerful systems on a smaller surface.

N285 / N295 is a short-module, it’s height is only 1463 mm.

The N330W is the highest powered solar panel, achieving 330 Watts with a surface of only 1.67 m2.

Panasonic solar module frames are designed to allow water drainage from corners to keep panels clean and reduce maintenance costs.

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