VP Solar official JinkoSolar distributor

VP Solar is the official JinkoSolar distributor, confirming the professionalism and reliability shown, offering customers high-quality products and solutions.

JinkoSolar, a global leader in the photovoltaic energy sector, as in 2019, was awarded the ‘Top Brand PV Europe Seal 2020‘ award by the EuPD Research research institute.

Jinko Solar photovoltaic modules

Among the products offered in VP Solar’s 2020 list, we find the range of monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic panels with 60 cells or 120 half-cells.


  • Cheetah: mono PERC – 1000V – 340-345 Wp
  • Cheetah Black: mono PERC – 325 Wp
  • Tiger: mono PERC 120 cells – 375 Wp
  • Tiger Pro: mono PERC 120 cells – 440 Wp

Cheetah – mono PERC – 1500V – JKMxxx-60H-V

The Half-cells monocrystalline module of the Cheetah series is a high-efficiency product (up to 19.85%) thanks to the new 5 busbar cell technology, with a maximum voltage of 1500V.

JinkoSolar’s JKMxxx-60H-V panel has a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year warranty on linear power, as in the case of the Eagle POLY JKMxxxPP-60 model.