SMA ShadeFix: the system for managing the shading of SMA modules

In some cases, your photovoltaic system may be affected by shading phenomena, perhaps due to the shape of the roof or other obstacles that, in some hours of the day, can generate shadows over the photovoltaic panels, decreasing their production.

To have higher yields from its system, SMA has introduced a software-based solution, applied directly to the inverter, to remedy this problem: SMA ShadeFix.

How does it work?

SMA ShadeFix is ​​a software management system for shading, integrated into the SMA inverter, active since commissioning. It uses a very effective MPP tracking system, which identifies the operating point with maximum power in the event of partial shading of the system.

This solution has the advantage that it does not involve any additional installation, such as an optimizer. In this way, the possibility of system failure is minimized, not including additional devices during the installation phase.

We can also count on the cost advantage. By spending less, you can have a better depreciation of your plant, keeping the productivity level high.

Current feature availability

SMA ShadeFix is ​​present in almost all current SMA photovoltaic inverters, just check the presence in the manual or on the inverter’s datasheet.

From September 2019, all SMA photovoltaic inverters with the possibility of updating and equipped with OptiTrac Global Peak will gradually receive a firmware update. The update will take place automatically. The functionality will not be changed and no further settings will be needed.

On the newly produced SMA photovoltaic inverters, the function is active by default. Using the user interface, it is possible to change the frequency (time interval) with which the inverter searches for the optimal operating point if necessary.

SMA has also created a video where the operation of the SMA ShadeFix solution is explained simply and intuitively.