TSC Power Home and VP Solar strategic partnership in Italy and Central and Southern Europe

VP Solar professional B2B distributor since 1999 for Central, Southern Europe and Italy thanks to a strategic partnership with TSC Solar Power (www.solaria.com), makes TSC PowerXT high efficiency photovoltaic modules always available for resale and installation companies.

TSC is the European branch of www.solaria.com an American company with over 20 years of experience and leader in the production of pure black photovoltaic modules.

Thanks to the development of exclusive patented technologies TSC has been one of the innovators in the development of high efficiency shingled modules.

Beauty, power and efficiency are distinctive elements of the photovoltaic modules with patented TSC PowerXT technology.

The design is very accurate: the module, completely black, is suitable for any surface and roof, being able to arrange it indifferently vertically or horizontally and applies the exclusive technology that eliminates busbars and interconnections among cells, decreasing degradation over time and increasing the production area, ensuring high quality and high performance.

The manufacturing technology also makes the PowerXT TSC particularly performing even in partial shading situations.

TSC products are distributed by VP Solar which offers advanced and customized logistic and commercial services, at the best market conditions thanks to the volumes managed in Europe.

Thanks to the use of SAP ERP and forecasting algorithms, VP Solar guarantees availability and competitiveness even in shortage or price tension phases.

For the Italian and Southern European markets, TSC offers through VP Solar solutions specifically designed for commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems.

The TSC module currently available most in demand in the European market is the one belonging to the 400Wp TSC PowerXT series with high efficiency all-black design and reduced dimensions to adapt to all surfaces and roofs. This size will be maintained throughout 2021

TSC modules have a full 25 year warranty with Class1 fire certificate and passed the saline environment tests.

The VP Solar Academy with TSC organized training sessions to learn about the pluses and solutions proposed in the European market.


TSC PowerXT R-PM – mono – black – 400 Wp

Totally black photovoltaic module (Pure Black) with more than 20% efficiency thanks to the exclusive PowerXT technology where bus-bars and multiple interconnections have been eliminated.

  • PowerXT technology
  • Pure Black
  • 30 years full warranty
  • Available: 400 Wp

Achieving over 20% efficiency, TSC PowerXT solar panels are one of the highest power panels in the residential and commercial market.

Compared to traditional panels, PowerXT panels have fewer gaps between the solar cells and are manufactured with black backsheet and frames, giving them a striking appearance and higher efficiency.

Developed in America, TSC’s patented cell cutting creates a highly reliable PowerXT cell where busbars and ribbon interconnections, common failure points, are eliminated.

TSC’s patented panel assembly then packages the cells into the PowerXT solar panel, reducing inactive space between the cells. This process leads to an exceptionally attractive and efficient solar panel.

Higher Efficiency, Higher Power

TSC PowerXT panels achieve over 20% efficiency; traditional panels achieve 15% – 17% efficiency. TSC PowerXT panels are one of the highest power panels available.

Lower System Costs

PowerXT panels produce more power per square meter area. This reduces installation costs due to fewer balance of system components such as racking and cables.

Improved Shading Tolerance

Solar cell sub-strings are interconnected in parallel, within each of the four module quadrants, which dramatically lowers the shading losses and boosts energy yield.

Improved Aesthetics

Compared to traditional panels, PowerXT panels have a more uniform appearance and superior aesthetics, with a pure black photovoltaic panel.

Durability and Reliability

Solder-less cell interconnections are highly reliable and designed to exceed the industry leading product and power warranty of 30 years.

PID Resistant

PowerXT panels are PID resistant. This insures stable and predictable energy production over time.