Fusion Solar: Huawei’s new solution for managing its plant

NetEco1000S Upgrade Plan is the APP and Huawei portal update program.

This year new features have been included that led, between April 30, 2019, and July 30, 2019, to the progressive elimination of the NetEco portal and the update of the FusionHome APP, everything was included in a single APP and browser address, FusionSolar.

A new upgrade for a better experience

FusionSolar, Huawei’s new solution for the management and commissioning of its system, has several features:

  • Multiple languages ​​available: English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French
  • Only one APP: first FusionHome + NetEco, now only FusionSolar
  • Unified URL for the EU region: https://intl.fusionsolar.huawei.com
  • Easier commissioning experience
  • 4 steps for commissioning
  • System for installers and customers
  • Energy flow in real-time and energy balance
  • Available throughout the EU (the UK excluded)

To access FusionSolar you need to access either through the dedicated link or through the APP already released in AppStore and Google Play.

At the following link, Huawei has released a dedicated guide to connect to FusionSolar and learn all the features that the new APP provides to better manage your photovoltaic system.

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