Panasonic 285

The new Panasonic 285 Wp: in stock at VP Solar

Panasonic, leading manufacturer of solar modules, recently has enlarged its range of pv panels introducing the new model VBHN285SJ40, an higher power size, matching a lot of installation requests.

Panasonic VBHN285SJ40

The new 285 Wp Panasonic is an high power panel of high efficiency with a surface area of less than 1,6 square meters.

Its compact size, in fact, allows an easier installation on difficult roofs with chimneys and other objects that make hard to place photovoltaics panels; taking into consideration this together with its high power , professionals can easily install less modules with the same PV plant power.

Furthermore, the negative effects relating to shading are reduced thank you to 4 bypass diodes that create 4 independent areas on the module, improving the energy output considerably.

A lot of improvement has made on the water drainage, the frame has been optimized, this avoids also that snow becomes ice causing mechanical problems.

Finally, we must not forget the HIT technology, that allows to reach high yield even at high temperature.

Panasonic 285 Wp in our warehouse

VP Solar since many years has been a leading distributor of Panasonic modules in Europe. Thanks to the strong relationship with the manufacturer, we can offer the best conditions to our installer and resellers assuring always stock and logistics efficiency. Contact our Team to know the quotations and visit your Private Area to see the whole range of VP Solar.