Panasonic Panels

Panasonic panels: the lowest claim rate in Europe

Out of more than 4 millions modules supplied in Europe alone, the failure rate is less than 0.0044% (as of April 2019).

In fact the HIT technology provides one of the highest efficiency and reliable pv modules in the photovoltaics industry. For 40 years Panasonic has manufacturing the best products in the market gaining a lot of rewards and a leading position.

Panasonic Panels: HIT technology

The HIT technology combines a low degradation level and an outstanding performance at high temperatures.

HIT panels are composed of amorphous silicon together with the monocrystalline one.

Comparing with other pv panels the Panasonic ones have a better conversion efficiency (module energy efficiency > 19%). The result is more modules installed in little space, suiting most of nowadays roofs and assuring the best performance ever with little installation efforts.

Panasonic Panels: a close relationship with VP Solar

The strong and successful relationship with Panasonic, makes VP Solar even more proud of its choice.

This result confirms once more the ability of VP Solar of selecting the best and reliable efficiency solutions in the market.

We strongly believe that Panasonic Panels will bring even more improvement in the energy industry future confirming their strong leadership.

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