SolarWorld: in stock at VP Solar, even the 250 Wp

SolarWorld modules are well known for their efficiency and performance. Since the beginning of photovoltaics in Europe, SolarWorld has aimed to the minimization of claims and to the maximization of yields. This thanks to the industrial processes with lots of tests of each component and of each stage of the production chain.

All this has allowed to get great results over the time on efficiency and output, as confirmed by the sector magazines given always to SolarWorld panels the best rate among the performing pv modules.

SolarWorld in stock at VP Solar

VP Solar official distributor of SolarWorld offers thanks to efficient logistics all panels in stock, also the 250 Wp panel, this one very required from the market.

The opportunity to rely on a pv distributor that always assures items in stock allows to improve the performance of your pv system: nowadays is even more important to have quick deliveries.

SolarWorld SW Plus poly: excellent according to PV+Test

SolarWorld has achieved a great result that underlines even more its excellent technology. This is the rate got from Solapraxis AG test together with Rheinland TÜV: the only solar module to get the excellent assessment.

The tests have been very strict and checked resistance to ageing, electric safety, production process, power, the whole documentation and warranty terms.

SolarWorld panels has got the best rate, “a module without any bug” the examiners have said.

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