Q Cells 1.5 GW: biggest deal in pv history

Q Cells announced the largest deal in PV history between Hanwha Q CELLS and one of North America’s largest providers of clean energy for 1.5 GW of high-efficiency Q.ANTUM technology modules, in particular the type 72 cell with 1500 V. Their solar cells will be created in the new facility in Malaysia and then into PV modules in South Korea.

Q Cells Q.ANTUM technology

The cell architecture is based on the back-side passivation of the solar cell and several additional technological features for higher efficiency and lowest LCOE and renowned quality standards like Anti-PID, Hot-Spot-Protect and the laser marking TRA.Q.

These features together with the capacity of the new plant in Malaysia that is producing Q.UANTUM technology in large scale and the international team work (between German and Malaysia) have been essential points for Q Cells to win this big project.

Q Cells and Hanwha SolarOne together

Q Cells is part of the worldwide Hanwha SolarOne. Together have the world’s largest solar cell manufacturing capacity and one of the largest solar module manufacturers in the market. This made possible to create big business like the 1.5 GW one.

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