The lithium era

The battery industry is strongly evolving and the spread of the electric cars, of residential and industrial storage systems will lead to a reduction in costs and to technological innovations.

Lithium ion technology: some variants

Till now, the most successful technology is that of Lithium ion in some variants: with anode made of graphite and lithium oxide cathode of Co, Ni, or Mn, with electrolyte that can be liquid or polymeric, typically composed of Lithium salts.

LiFeCo and LiMnCo variants

LiFeCo variant can be interesting for the low cost and the remarkable safety of the chemical composition. However, it is theoretically penalized in the conductibility, even if it is increased with special precautions. LiMnCo variant is a good compromise between cost and performance and there it is general opinion that this will be the most widespread technology in the coming years.

Battery energy density

The Lithium battery energy density is registering a 5% increase every year: this means that batteries are more and more lighter and compact.

Price levels have never been so low

Today, the type of Lithium batteries is at such low price level also thanks to the electric cars market growth.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Study

According to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance study, the battery packs in the market have reached average prices (in the business with car companies) of about 210 $/kWh, with a 24% reduction from last year and 1/5 of the price compared to 2010.

With this trend it is estimated that in 2025 the price at kWh for the battery pack could arrive at 100 $/kWh, a number that seems to be the magic one for the global start of the spread of the electric cars.