Trina Solar PV Evolution Labs quality

Trina Solar, a world leader in the integrated manufacturing of photovoltaic solutions, was once again ranked “Top Performer” this year for the seventh consecutive year in the report recently published by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL).

PVEL is one of the leading independent photovoltaic module testing laboratories, and this is the seventh consecutive year that Trina Solar has been awarded this important award.

Tests and rigorous inspections in Trina Solar’s manufacturing facilities

To award this recognition, PVEL carried out rigorous inspections in Trina Solar’s production plants and analyzed the photovoltaic modules with tests on thermal cycles, PID degradation, mechanical load, as well as other product tests.

In addition, other factors were also evaluated such as the availability of .PAN files for designers.

Tested also Vertex Series

The new modules with 210 mm cells of the Vertex line were also included in these tests, confirming that the experience of over twenty years of research leads to products of extreme quality that lead to greater energy production and therefore a lower LCOE, point fundamental that all customers want to have from their investment in green energy production.