Tadiran Group results Q1-2022

Treviso June 9, 2022. The Tadiran Group, where VP Solar’s economic and financial results have also been included since February, is already reporting very positive results in the first quarter of 2022: revenues grew by +74.1%, when compared to the same period in 2021, to NIS 505.6 million (about € 141 million) as well as operating income (+33.9 %) and net income (+30.1 %) also grew strongly.


The growth in Q1, takes Tadiran Group to the targets set for FY 2022 by management, namely NIS 2 billion (approx. €560 million) by the end of the year.

Tadiran Group’s robust growth in the renewable sector

Tadiran Group in a short period of time was able to develop and grow its renewable energy business structurally, so much that the share in total sales reached 52.6% in Q1-2022. VP Solar contributed to the growth of Group sales in Q1, with important results in Italy and Europe.

Still not reflected in the results was the important goal achieved by the company Aviem, also part of the Tadiran Group, which won the tender to supply storage systems for the next two years with a total capacity of 600 MWh and a value of $130 million.

Group synergies for growth

Being part of the Tadiran Group allows the development of synergies as well as the sharing of skills, experience and commercial strength: the group is a major global player in the distribution and implementation of renewable systems and the production of air conditioning and air treatment equipment.

The value the Group expresses to the market is: “Enable a better living environment through renewable energies, a comfortable climate and healthy air”.