SolarWatt MyReseve Designer

The SolarWatt MyReseve designer is the indispensable online tool made available free of charge for all technicians and designers to check the compatibility between the capacity of the desired storage system and the photovoltaic system.


MyReserve storage system as seen by the inverter?

The MyReserve storage system is connected between the MPPT input of the inverter and the photovoltaic generator, during the discharge phase and when it is in stand-by mode since it has reached 100% charge, is seen by the photovoltaic inverter just like a string of modules reproducing the classic IV curve of a photovoltaic generator.

MyReserve storage system with high voltage batteries

Furthermore, MyReserve is a storage system with high voltage batteries, the addition of each battery module modifies its input and output voltage characteristics, this makes the coupling of small capacities with high voltage strings difficult and failure to verify could lead to issues outside the product warranty.

How the designer  works

The configurator has in the database all the main brands of modules currently on the market and all the compatible inverters so that the choice of the size of the battery and the stringing of the photovoltaic field is easy with a few clicks.

Just indicate the place of installation, the module model chosen and the inverter with its desired battery model.

At the end it will be possible to download a PDF with useful data and compatibility from the batteries with the system.