France photovoltaic and storage: current situation and growth prospects

France is the second largest economy in Europe and thanks to the very high number of nuclear power plants, the average purchase price of electricity from the grid is among the lowest in Europe, amounting to approximately € 0.18 / kWh.

Photovoltaic installations are supported by an feed-in tariff incentive that rewards the energy fed into the grid by plants up to 100 kWp for a period time of 20 years. At the moment there are no signs for the disposal of this government support.

Low price of electricity, an obstacle to storage systems

Unfortunately, the low price of electricity is one of the major obstacles to the installation of storage systems that are usually of medium-small capacity, and only attract users who are attentive to technology and the environment.

The residential storage market is stagnant, with approximately 3.500 installations in both 2018 and 2019 for a total of 14 MWh. For the SolarPower Europe low scenario of the European Market Outlook For Residential Battery Storage 2020-2024, it will be possible to double the installed capacity only in 2024 with about 31 MWh.

Storage systems for the residential

VP Solar has created a tool for professionals in the sector to help them choose and configure any photovoltaic system with storage batteries, GUIDE and MAP Storage 2020 are two essential tools to know the inverter / battery combination, have an overview of the storage market and news from manufacturers.

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