Switchboards for your own photovoltaic system

Switchboards are devices designed and built to protect and manage a photovoltaic systems. According to the versatility of each type of model, it is then possible to adapt them to several types of systems.

Types of string switchboards

The range of these products comprehends some devices that are chosen in relation to the type of protection/safety you want to obtain. These involve: DC/AC, DC switchboards with release coil, DC without release coil.

DC/AC string switchboards

These switchboards are built to guarantee total protection of your system. As a matter of fact, they are possess a wiring part on the DC side (parallel, string protection and sectioning) and the AC side (sectioning protection with thermal breaker), towards the inverter and the exchange counter of the distributor.

DC string with release coil

Unlike the DC/AC models, this type of product only has a DC switchboard with DC over-voltage dischargers inside. Furthermore, these types of switchboards are equipped with a 230 Vac release coil for remote emergency release.

DC string without release coil

The latest range of switchboards concerns those with the DC side, without release coil. As in the previous case, a fast and reliable connection of the photovoltaic strings and the inverter is guaranteed as well. Moreover, thanks to special unloaders, the DC over-voltage protection is ensured.