SMA Sunny Tripower

Triphase Inverter SMA Sunny Tripower 20000-25000 TL-30

The SMA Sunny Tripower TL-30 inverter guarantees a maximum performance rating of over 98%, thus increasing efficiency and reducing system costs.

The range of output power from 15.2 kW to 25.0kW makes it ideal for commercial plants and large photovoltaic plants.

Optiflex: Maximum sizing flexibility

The Optiflex system makes the photovoltaic system dimensioning flexible thanks to an asymmetrical multistring input and a maximum DC input voltage of 1000 V, coupled to a 150 to 800V MPP voltage.

With these features it is possible to benefit of a high modules compatibility and a sizing made on the basis of the exact number of modules required with only one inverter.

Optiprotect: Type II overvoltage protection

Optiprotect is the integrated protection system for type II overvoltages, enabling you to take advantage of an intelligent defense system against too high voltages.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to integrate easily and without any additional mounting costs, with anti-bullet protection systems that may be required in public buildings or insurance.

Sunclix: Fast connection system

Connecting modules to the inverter has never been easier, thanks to the CC SUNCLIX connection system.

No adapter, no assortment of connectors, and no tools needed, are enough for 15 seconds for each cable.