SolarEdge in Agricultural Installations

Agricultural buildings such as barns or animal sheds are typically good sites for PV installation, due to roof size and the roofs having few obstacles. However in such buildings corrosion of the PV components due to ammonia fumes has to be considered.

The sources for ammonia in agricultural areas are fertilizers as well as animal droppings. In the presence of water or humidity ammonia creates aggressive fumes that can damage components, either by making enclosures fragile or by harming the product sealing, both of which can lead to water ingress.

To ensure proper operation of the PV system the system components should be resistant to corrosion by ammonia fumes.

The SolarEdge were shown to be resistant to ammonia corrosion

The SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers were tested in harsh ammonia exposure conditions and were shown to be resistant to ammonia corrosion. This is important not only for the inverters which are usually installed inside the facilities, but also for the power optimizers which are installed on the roof where ammonia concentration is lower.

The test involved SE25K inverter, with and without a DC Safety Unit and Optimizer, but all SolarEdge inverters use the same materials and methods, therefore the test results are applicable to all inverter models. The same is true for the power optimizers.

the test was performed from TÜV Rheinland

There is no IEC standard regarding ammonia resistance, therefore the test was performed according to the specification “2 Pfg 1911/03.2001 clause 6.3.1” from TÜV Rheinland. TÜV Rheinland has long standing experience in testing of PV components and is conducting research regarding the lifetime of PV systems. SolarEdge has chosen this specification because it is considered the harshest and most realistic one.

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