PV Optimization: real experience with Solaredge

From The United Kingdom: “The SolarEdge system gives us the peace of mind we need in order to ensure that our customer is reaping all the benefits of their PV installation. No energy losses occurring from partial shading. Installation in partially shaded area increases roof utilization. Furthermore the performance and location of every individual pv panel is presented online on the virtual site map of the SolarEdge monitoring portal

From France: “As an investor, I really have to look at three things: First, is the system generating maximum energy output and return on investment? Second, are installation and operation and maintenance cost efficient? And third, since I am renting rooftops from third parties, are safety risks minimized? I use SolarEdge inverters for all of my installations because it can ensure all three.”

From Germany: “We are very happy with the recommendation to use power optimizers. Our chimney proved no obstacle for the SolarEdge solution and the results simply speak for themselves. The screenshot from the SolarEdge monitoring portal shows the performance of each solar module in a chart. The chart proves that modules 9 and 12 are shaded in the morning between 8-10 o’clock. The overall system perfomance ratio is 80.7%. The traditional inverter however, loses 13.4% of the potential output because of the two shaded modules.”

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