SHARP half-cell photovoltaic panels from 330 Wp

Sharp presents its range of high-performance PERC monocrystalline 120 Half-cells photovoltaic modules from 330 Wp.

Thanks to the half-cell technology, these modules have a 2/3% higher performance and higher efficiency than modules of the same size with a whole cell.

Half-cell modules divided into two upper and lower halves

The half-cell module is divided into two upper and lower halves, connected in parallel via 3 substrings in series.

By dividing the photovoltaic panel in this way, the energy generated per cell is halved and the losses, due to the resistance at the module the level are reduced by 25%, in addition to the significant reduction in cell temperature, reducing the risk of hot spot effects.

Three junction boxes

The junction boxes become 3, containing a bypass diode, with this system a better heat dissipation is guaranteed and the module lasts longer over time.

  • Shorter busbars> lower currents> 75% less losses due to resistance
  • Lower cell temperatures> increases module longevity
  • Lower current> lower cell temperature> less risk of hotspots
  • Up to 15 W more production per module

These factors have the effect of increasing the longevity of the entire system and an impact on overall performance.

Higher yield even in case of shading

The half-cell modules thanks to the divided structure, a two-half has a higher efficiency even in the event of shading.

For example, if the lower part of the module is shaded, the module still generates 50% performance with the upper part, while the production of a whole-cell module would be completely compromised. This could be the case of shadows between the rows in installations on open fields or roofs, in this way we can guarantee production from sunrise to sunset.