Price List of photovoltaic modules 2022

The 2022 price lists have been updated, among these in particular we find the photovoltaic modules price list, the availability of these products is continuously and daily updated and the price list must be requested from your commercial reference for every need.

The range of photovoltaic modules is constantly evolving, technologies are being updated and efficiency is always higher, and many products now boast a 25-year warranty on both the product and performance.

The forecast of the global installed power will pass the 1000GW threshold and the forecast for the next four years is set to exceed the doubling.

Manufacturers of photovoltaic modules

VP Solar professional distributor of photovoltaic solutions has always selected the best brands on the international scene. To offer its B2B customers security and long-term guarantee in the products offered.

Availability of solar panels

Also 2022 will be characterized on a global level by difficulties in the supply of raw materials, uncertainty of timing and availability in deliveries with a consequent increase in prices, and this will not even spare the photovoltaic sector.

In order to face the current situation, VP Solar strengthened its partnerships with leading global manufacturers in 2021, thanks to this it will be able to manage procurement and supply of modules and inverters with the availability of products and solutions also ready for delivery.

Photovoltaic modules price list 2022

The price list of photovoltaic modules is constantly updated, to receive product availability, quantities, sizes and prices it is necessary to contact the Sales Team who will send the dedicated price list.