Energy efficiency: LG and VP Solar win together

Since 1999 VP Solar is committed to the distribution of energy efficiency systems. The aims of VP Solar are the same of the LG ones, that are develop innovative products energy saving oriented.

LG energy efficiency and Photovoltaics

LG Solar is in the market for few years, although this, it can count on an high number of patents that allows its panels to improve their energy efficiency rate. Today LG leads the solar market with the innovative technology of the 300 W Neon panels.

The efficiency is combined to the integrated production processes that allow a better competitiveness than the few top player competitors in the same market branch.

LG has become in short time a technology leader in the very changeable photovoltaics worldwide market.

Futhermore in other traditional fields LG has achieved high quality standard such as for the air conditioning and heating. LG is different from the others thanks to its quality, energy efficiency, competitiveness, wide ranges, design.

The latest international meeting at Intersolar in Munich has been another opportunity to show the strong Partnership between LG and VP Solar that aims to offer to the market quality and cutting-edge energy solutions for households.

Why LG for energy efficiency?

LG Mono Neon: the new class of high efficiency solar panels 280-300W

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