TSC PowerXT: PV modules with 30 years warranty

TSC has announced that the warranty of the 410Wp series of PowerXT photovoltaic modules with patented technology has been increased to 30 years starting February 1, 2022.

The range of TSC PowerXT high performance photovoltaic panels boast a patented technology that increases the energy yield of the module even in situations of partial irradiation and thanks to the PureBlack design with black frame, black backsheet and black cells make it an extremely elegant module.

“Our customers love the performance and sleek design of our premium PowerXT solar panels,” said Jürgen Fuhrmann, TSC General Manager, International Sales. “We know that our PowerXT panels are as reliable as they are attractive and efficient, and we couldn’t think of a better way to demonstrate that than by providing a 30-year warranty.”

“Our advanced, high density PV panels are optimized for residential and commercial deployment and have been extremely well-received – as they deliver beauty, efficiency and power,” added Fuhrmann.

TSC is the European division of Solaria Corporation, a US company from Silicon Valley that has been operating in the solar innovation sector for 20 years.

The patented PowerXT technology that provides for the elimination of interconnections between cells and busbars, increasing the production surface and minimizing the risk of micro crack.

Thanks to this technology, for the same size of the system with traditional systems, 20% more production is obtained.