VP Solar is entrusted with AEG solar products distribution for Italy

The AEG distribution network for photovoltaic products welcomes a new partner with 20 years specialized expertise and a clear vision, centered on conscious consumers, integrated energy systems, and digital technologies.

Frankfurt am Main / Pederobba, 04.06.2020. The AEG distribution network can now count on 20 years expertise on the Italian photovoltaic market thanks to the partnership with VP Solar.

With over 2000 customers and 1,5 GW of installed inverters and solar modules in over 20 years of business, VP Solar has consolidated its position as specialized B2B distributor and a reference on the Italian and international markets for professional PV operators. VP Solar offers a broad range of products and systems for the production of solar photovoltaic and thermal photovoltaic, spanning from solar modules to inverters, from energy storage systems to heat pumps, from technologies for energy efficiency to e-mobility.

The AEG products today enrich today VP Solar´s portfolio with premium products that stand out for their high production standards, integrated smart technology, and reliability over time, to offer flexible solutions to PV system planning needs.

VP Solar business is rooted in offering high quality, integrated solutions to obtain maximum yields and returns on investment from solar installations; customer support is the complimentary pillar, as the customer is supported in getting a deep understanding of the offered products and guided towards a conscious energy use.

VP Solar´s vision revolves around the prosumer as energy producer and manager in the evolving scenarios of sustainable growth made possible by electromobility, energy digitalization and IOT.

This vision is the same inspiring AEG photovoltaic products. AEG is a brand of the Electrolux Group and for 130 years a leader in home appliances with innovation conceived to simplify everyday life – the first electric bulb, the first electric oven and the first washing machine brought historically to market being just examples of the innovative drive of the brand.

Today, AEG renewable energy solutions make the home and workplace the center of a smart, effortless energy revolution thanks to smart, interconnected products that stand out for their aesthetics, allowing the customer to understand solar energy and make it work for them, and granting them full control on the solar installation and its performance.

Solar Solutions and AEG

With the 130 year engineering heritage of AEG, a brand owned by Electrolux group, and its leadership in electronics, AEG photovoltaic products (solar modules, inverters, monitoring systems and storage) stand out for their reliability, aesthetics and user friendliness. Each AEG product is developed to be one step ahead in smart solar, and to offer customers full control on the plant performance. AEG photovoltaic products are brought to the international markets by Germany-based Solar Solutions GmbH thanks to a solid network of selected partners for each market. More on www.aeg-industrialsolar.de

VP Solar Srl

The Italian Veneto-based company is an affirmed B2B specialized distributor offering quality products and services. Its long-time reliability has earned them an A++ Moody’s rating and legality rating. The strategic partnerships with multinational manufacturers and the large business volumes in international reference markets served by VP Solar allows installers and resellers to benefit from a vast product portfolio at competitive conditions, with a highly effective SAP-based logistic service.