SolarWorld celebrates 40 years in the photovoltaic industry

SolarWorld celebrates 40 years of presence in the solar photovoltaic industry with the campaign Real Value, representing the commitment and strength of the group to transform into advantages for the customers.

SolarWorld: 40 years of real value

Real Value is the campaign that best represents the experience and the mission of SolarWorld: transmitting the real standout values of their products and services. The main daily aim of the company is to propose and offer the most efficient and durable photovoltaic system of the market.

The main values of the company are:

  • Quality: SolarWorld modules are made in Germany and are produced without any intermediaries from the silicium to the wafer manufacture, from the cells to the solar modules. The high levels of quality are guaranteed by standardized control programs carried out in accordance with the international regulations.
  • Customized solutions: SolarWorld products are suitable for every need and are simple to install, having the highest efficiency and smart application.
  • Partnership: the complete assistance as well as the support to the design and sale makes everything simpler, more rapid and completely advantageous thanks also to the expertise acquired in the maintenance.
  • Sustainability: a responsible use of the natural, economical and social resources is the core of the activity of the German company. This allowed the company the institution of the price “Einstein Award”, given every year to all personalities that stood out for their commitment in use and promotion of solar energy worldwide.

SolarWorld: quality and reliability for 40 years

VP Solar is a SolarWorld distributor and shares its principles and its complete, wide and over time reliable offer together with the prompt delivery, which is necessary to satisfy the current customer’s needs.

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