PVS-50/60-TL string inverter, FIMER solution for the industrial and commercial sector

An interesting solution for string inverters, it’s the PVS-50/60-TL from FIMER, it is an ideal product for commercial and industrial plants, with its 3 MPPT and power ratings up to 60 kW.

Main features PVS-50/60-TL

The new three-phase string inverter has been designed to work in decentralized applications, mounted both on the ground and on roofs, with the aim of maximizing the return on investment..

The sizes available on the market are those of 50 and 60 kW and have a series of characteristics that make it an extremely competitive product in the photovoltaic system sector.
These inverters have a DC input voltage that can reach a maximum of 1000 V and can support outdoor installations, as they have an IP65 protection rating (IP54 for the cooling section).

What are the advantages?

  • Compact design: The power supply module and the wiring box are enclosed in a single chassis, allowing savings in both costs and the resources needed for installation.
  • Easy installation: it is possible to carry out the assembly both in vertical and horizontal position, this is an important aspect because it guarantees greater flexibility in the installation phase. The cover is also equipped with practical hinges and locks, which allow for quicker and more practical commissioning and maintenance operations, also guaranteeing a lower chance of damaging the chassis and the internal components of the inverter.
  • Connectivity: the inverter configuration time is reduced thanks to the dedicated mobile App. The user interface makes it possible to access the advanced configuration features of the inverter.
  • Compatible with FIMER Plant Portfolio: each inverter can be connected to the FIMER cloud platform, greatly facilitating system monitoring.

In addition to providing all this series of advantages, the PVS family of FIMER inverters also guarantees additional functionalities, which make it a product that can be easily used for many commercial and industrial applications.

They mainly concern:

  • Reactive power management
  • Supply of 10% more power in case of reduced room temperature
  • Higher operating altitude, up to 4000 meters.
  • Dynamic control algorithm for network input



Three-phase string solution connected to cloud, ideal for commercial and industrial installations. Model of the PVS family with 3 independent MPPT.

  • Compact design, power module and wiring box in a single package
  • Up to 3 independent MPPTs – 50 kW
  • Mounting both in vertical and horizontal position
  • Wi-Fi interface, configuration and commissioning

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PVS family of three-phase string inverters, designed to maximize the return on investment in decentralized applications mounted both on the roof and on the ground..

Compact design and easy to install

Thanks to technological choices aimed at optimizing installation times and costs, the product design features the power module and wiring box enclosed in a single compact chassis thus saving installation resources and costs.

The inverter comes in multiple versions also allowing the possibility to connect to third-party DC string combiners.

The horizontal and vertical mounting possibility creates flexibility for both rooftop and ground mounted installations.

Standard wireless access

Standard wireless access from any mobile device makes the configuration of inverter and plant easier and faster. Improved user experience thanks to a built-in User Interface (UI) enables access to advanced inverter configuration settings.
The Installer for Solar Inverters mobile app and configuration wizard enable a quick multi-inverter installation, saving up to 70% commissioning time.

Fast system integration

Industry standard Modbus (RTU/TCP)/SUNSPEC protocol enables fast system integration. Two ethernet ports enable fast and future-proof communication for PV plants.


  • Up to 3 independent MPPT – 50 kW power ratings
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Easy access to wiring box thanks to hinges and cam latches positioned on cover
  • Power module and wiring box in one compact chassis
  • Wi-Fi interface for commissioning and configuration
  • Reactive power management capability
  • Remote monitoring and firmware upgrade via Fimer Cloud platform (logger free)
  • Provides 10% more power in case of reduced ambient temperature
  • Improved operating altitude. Can work up to 4000 mt.
  • Built-in dynamic feed-in control algorithm