LG Solar

Why Choose LG Solar Photovoltaic Panels?

Photovoltaic modules are the main component of a photovoltaic plant. The choice of panels is the basis for an efficient plant, LG Solar offers high quality and efficiency solutions.

Greater performance at the same surface

LG Solar modules offer very high performance on low surfaces, enabling them to maximize the use of roof surface and reduce installation costs due to the smaller number of modules used.

Results in tests stricter than the standard IEC

To ensure the reliability of its products, LG performs the majority of tests in its TÜV and UL laboratories, performing some test criteria twice as stringent as IEC standards.

In addition, given the results of the TÜV flash test, LG panels provide on average 1.5% more power than stated in the specifications, while other manufacturers’ modules also provide lower power.

These data allow you to encourage the purchase of this product, which is proven to be of the highest quality.

Research and development

LG Solar is always committed to investing in research and development, with the aim of always presenting innovative technologies.

Among the many features of these products is the exterior beauty of the module. Black color allows the module to integrate much better with the outside appearance of the roof than with a standard module.

Economic sustainability of LG Solar

LG is a company that can keep promises and goals with a strong economic background, thus providing the customer with even greater security on these products.

VP Solar is a distributor of LG products. Since 1999, it has been providing quality pre-and post-sales services, combining them with a selection of the best products on the market.

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