Bosch Dishwashers

Efficient Dishwasher by Bosch: cost saving and environmentally friendly

Bosch energy efficient dishwashers are committed to conserving water, electricity and human energy.

Plus, with some innovative dishwashers using as little as 239 kilowatt hours of electricty per year, they can exceed even Energy Star standards by over 33% .The Bosch Dishwashers offered by VP Solar can rely on the ActiveWater technology that utilizes design, water pressure and efficiency to enable two gallons of water to do the work of 1300.

In particular the hot water Dishwashers by Bosch optimize the consumption of energy if connected to a heating system fed with renewable resources (solar thermics and heat pumps) allowing an energy saving up to 33%.

Other features: EcoSilence Drive, VarioSpeed and even more… find out them contacting VP Solar technicians.